Chase lifts her pretty white dress
Chase covers dress in chocolate
Blonde submerged in chocolate
Naked girl covered in chocolate

Isn’t that Marilyn’s iconic dress? Well, Norma Jean never put hers through the trials that the lovely blonde Chase does, namely into the inflatable tub filled with chocolate brownie batter. Throwing a seemingly endless succession of sensually pleased smiles at the camera, Chase shows the contrast between the white of her dress and satin panties with the rich hues of the chocolate batter before stripping it off and turning herself into a chocolate statue, coated from head to toe.

Brittany gets covered in paint
Brittany & Celeste - pretty in  paint
Brittany's nice tits covered in blue paint
Brittany pours more paint on Celeste

When Celeste called the other day and asked if I'd help her paint, I just figured she was redecorating her apartment--AGAIN! Who would've figured she meant we'd be painting our bodies. What a rush, though. I have to admit it was a lot sexier than I ever could've imagined. But then Celeste is so hot. The paint just made her curves look curvier, if you know what I mean. Talk about fun in your own backyard!

Pretty Carey dressed in black steps into tub of pudding
Pretty Carey pours budding on her dress
Carey strips and lays in pudding
Carey submersed in vanilla pudding

This brunette with the raspy voice and infectiously wide smile gets dolled up in her black sheer-sleeved dress, stockings and stiletto heels for special occasions. Like, for example when some kind soul has filled her bathtub with vanilla pudding and she gets “the urge to submerge.” And when the pouring jar just isn’t cutting it as far as pouring pudding over her face and hair goes, nothing to do but strip topless and lean waaaay back into the tub for that extra-complete coverage.

Shaun steps into gray clay
Shaun partially covered in clay
Shaun's face is covered in gray clay
Naked Shaun covered in gray clay

Messy Fun’s pie-oneer messy model has had a great night at the club in her sci-fi-flavored blue sparkly one-sleeved spandex dress. She’d love to go to bed, but that tub of gray clay is just too inviting. Mud’s great for the skin, isn’t it? Shaun would know, after spreading it all over herself… and we mean all over herself: her body, hair and behind all get a solid coating of the smooth, slippery mud, and her gorgeous face disappears behind a rejuvenating mask of the clay.

Kassandra's Bath

Kassandra outdoor wetlook video clip

High-Res 5-minute clips!
Out-takes and bloopers. Music for this clip by

Daizy Loves Chocolate

Daizy and Miranda in cake batter video clip

Unreleased video from the late Rob Blaine. 5 minutes of raw footage. You can hear the girls and Rob's direction.

Wet and Messy

Shaun & Brandy outdoor mudpit video clip

Another clip from our friend Roman. Music courtesy of Picketline! Hear more from the band...

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